A Multi-Purpose Theme

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  2. 19 septembre 2012Maefte9 dit as tre8s dynamique la gente bvnoie !! Contemplation , ennui? Une petite initiation aux jeux pre9fe9re9s de leurs cousines landaises pourrait leur ouvrir d’autres horizons ? Un petit encierro ou un interville rien de tel pour se de9gourdir les jambes et s’amuser que de courir apre8s le premier quidam qui passe! Ce n’est pas une bonne ide9e ? Bon..tant pis!Sympa, les fleurs.Bises

  3. Yes, that would be considered duplication, but this is a perfect example of unintentional duplication that shouldn't hurt your site in any way — Google will just pick one version (http or https) to show in search results.This could have happened because someone else linked to your site using https. It could also happen if you have relative links on your site; if someone enters an https part of your site and then clicks on a relative link, that link will be in https too.

  4. Porqué solo le tiran al gobierno? Porqué nadie ha dicho nada de los irresponsables que sabiendo que el puente no aguanta carga igual meten su camión o bus? Esta historia tiene otro ángulo, que es la falta de responsabilidad y disciplina que tenemos. No estoy tratando de quitar responsabilidades donde debe haberlas, solo trato de indicar que hay que ver varios factores para tratar de aproximar la verdad.

  5. Hättet ihr mal lieber nicht das Video für euch sprechen lassen. Hab mich durch das Video gequält und kenne jetzt die persönlichen Probleme und Sorgen des Gründers, aber hab keine Ahnung wie ICH denn jetzt den nächsten Schritt machen kann.Wenn ich dann noch das LSD-pdf sehe wird mir ganz schummerig und ich verzichte dankend.

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  9. Fru Tunheim : Jeg tror Mellom attentatene er mye skumlere og dystrerer enn Indias datter, sÃ¥ da har du virkelig noe Ã¥ glede deg til.Elikken : Ja – tror ikke du blir skuffet. Det er en feel-good bok!GrÃ¥bekka: Takk takk 🙂

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  12. I would kill for an iPad, not really, but I’d really appreciate one I can’t afford one but I’m a huge tech geek and am jealous of all the people who have one! It would be nice to get all those fun apps and play games!

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  14. Mark, not an issue at all. If we were 1-4 and looked over matched perhaps but truth is all the games have come down to the last half a quarter or less. At that point the Lakers at best are only going to be something like 60/40 favorites.Try flipping a coin a bunch of times and you’ll notice crazy long streaks. those loses mean nothing in terms of judging the team.

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  17. What a clever idea Sawsan. There was a restaurant in Toronto years ago called Rain and they marinated with tea…very interesting indeed. My mom used to make the eggs you have pictured at Easter.Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, we’ve been away…catching up now!

  18. ZZMike,"There may well be many who would resist – and I certainly hope most of those are in the officer corps."SGT's run the Army. I suspect you will find the enlisted are FAR more likely to be conservative that the Elite Officer Corps… Just look at Stan the Man McChrystal… LibTard of the first degree. Powell who can't see past skin color, etc… I believe the majority of even the officers are Conservative, but % wise, more liberal than enlisted.I was a sailor and a SGT… Thats my $0.02…Your Mileage may vary.

  19. God forbid they get FREE FUCKING HOMEMADE PASTA. Maybe she’s just worried she’ll have to gag it down with some of Karen’s icky brown meat sauce! Real food is gross to this woman. She’d rather have processed nut butters.Kath gives oats a bad name.

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  24. Dylan, I also thought Yark’s comparison was not at all correct. Yark could have just vented his opinion about the excessive use of force without it. But if you want to bar such hateful comments, then you will also have to bar comments that expose your hate, such as:I’m not sure attacking Iran would be such a bad thing.

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  30. Oh this week God has filled our hearts with Benjamin and his sayings. Nothing can lift a spirit more than the words from a child's heart.Precious post…Happy Thanksgiving…I have been praying for you and am so blessed to walk with you through this journey, even if only through blog land and prayers.

  31. « la nature irréformable du système capitaliste à travers les utopies réformistes de Hamsterdam et Stringer Bell  »Il semblerait aussi que la langue de bois ne soit pas réformable. Alain Badiou offre une préface ?

  32. É muito interessante. A ver se conseguem ter na data prevista. Esta é também uma àrea onde a Rússia não pode deixar de investir.Há aqui muito trabalho e muita necessidade de mão de obra qualificada. É know how que a Rússia não pode perder e não pode estar dependente de uma base em território estrangeiro.

  33. Are you in San Diego this week? I’ll be there this Wednesday through the weekend and would love some eats and activity recommendations! =) So pumped for workout 4 tonight and will probably do Tabata instead of basic HIIT since I missed Tabata Thursday last week

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  43. Well, the opinion of my MIL (a white middle-class ex-American) is that Obama is running now as a test-run. She thinks he’s a little young and inexperienced, and that he knows that, and actually has his eyes on, what, 2012? Next next time, anyway. I’m a Canadian, but if I was voting in the US I’d vote for a hairy warthog before I’d vote for Hilary. Always bearing in mind of course, that Republicans aren’t even on my mental voting map.

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  46. This is more than a limited financial audit. It also contains a limited management audit with respect to conflicts of interest, board appointments and adherence to stated policy regarding regarding the programs within the financial audit.While it is limited in scope and for now, only a one time audit, it is in the least a start. It could be a whitewash but at least it will be published.It will take at least a generation to wrest power and influence from the paper money boys.As for the 96-0 vote, look no further than Bennett in Utah and Crist in Florida. And it isn’t just Republican incumbents who are running scared.

  47. Ho notato che l'acqua era evaporata nella bottiglia, ho provato ad aprire per riempire ma l'acuq è "Spruzzata" fuori, ho subito richiuso…. Ho combinatoun guaio? DEvo o meno aggiungere l'acqua opppure , ormai mi tocca buttare via tutto?Grazie cara, e scusami

  48. Wow Li, hield je andere blog in de smiezen en miste bijna dit pareltje! Wat een mooie dingen en experimenten. Goed bezig. Ik vind ze soms ook zo handig die kinderen. Zo kan die tweejarig van mij af en toe van die slimme verbanden leggen die dan bij mij een aha erlebnis bewerkstelligen haha. (Gelukkig doet hij daarna zijn handen voor zijn ogen en zegt: ‘waar ben ik nou?’)

  49. covered with foil for 30 minutes at 350 °. I’ll cook the homefries/hashbrowns according to this recipe. You have to make them crisp and hot to make it really worth it, though. Fresh is obviously better.

  50. I actually agree that the pensions became too rich… and something had to be done.But there are a lot of ways to accomplish change..In Va… the legislature voted to require teaches pay more into their pensions.It was not popular.. but it was done in a way to not have it turn into a huge brouhaha. And of course, Va does not have the right to "recall".:-)

  51. I do that too! And no matter how haphazardly I throw stuff in there my bathroom counter area always looks pretty well organized. And it is so easy to clean the bathroom when I don’t have to move 500 items from the counter- I can just throw them all onto my handy tray. GENIUS.

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  53. Men medge, att Wesséns argument får en helt annan tyngd i tysk språkdräkt, ungefär som när Frau Merkel ska driva in räntor åt de tyska bankerna från sydeuropeerna.Nåja – men förklaras inte skiftet till förställda possesiver just av det inflytande, som (låg- & hög-) tyska hade på svenskt skrivsätt från hansatiden, via Gustav Vasas bibel och fram till åtminstone1700-talet? Dateringen av äldre Västgötalagen bygger väl delvis på, att den ensam saknar lågtyska inslag. 

  54. So yesterday we said goodbye to Bill Gates and it looks like starting on today Microsoft is going to stop selling XP to retailers and computer manufacturers. (We mentioned before in aprevious postback in May about users making a petition so that Microsoft won’t take XP off of the shelves.) Microsoft realizes that many users aren’t going to be happy with their decision, but again users weren


  56. we're all aware of most of the post content.i want to know: how did george bush get away with this?????? (911) we all know he's guilty! ….. we all know he's not smart enough to do this alone….WHO?????

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  62. “Is religion fair game in modern politics, particularly when issues such as global warming, evolution curriculum, and the individual liberties of women in society increasingly are made targets of conservative attacks?”And what is the justification for all the attacks on global warming, evolution, etc? Religion. Opposition to women’s rights, gay rights, and any other human rights I could mention? It’s all justified by THE BIBLE TOLD ME SO. At base, it’s about The Will of Gawd. And these guys are quick to tell you that they know exactly what that is.

  63. You are right. I agree with your statement. Tourism has not been many enjoyed by local people. Local community who has the land, beach, rice field, forest is still to be looker on. Government should manage the condition in order to make tourism beneficial for local people. I appreciate your vision.

  64. A happy beginning to the day..reading your impression of the blog. Re: Moroccan Flatbread…we make it frequently because, in addition to being very good, it is both very quick and easy with a 100% success rate (so far) of coming out well.

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