Nadia’s Twisted Pole and Floor Movement was developed by Nadia Sharif. After spending years traveling the globe and teaching numerous single subject workshops, she wanted to create a more developed course that not only shares her signature skills and combinations, but gives the student a sense of knowledge and understanding to improve their skill set and personal style as well as continue to grow as innovators even after the classes are over. The hard driving pace as well as the high intensity levels of the workshops lead her to dub them “Nadia’s Twisted Intensive”

NADIA’S TWISTED INTENSIVE is a 2 day, 4 hours per day, 8 hour total, floor and pole intensive. Day 1 will begin on the floor, exploring movement patterns, pathways and weight transfers that use the path of least resistance allowing movements to be executed with minimal efforts. Many of the floor movements will be inspired by Capoeira, Break Dancing, Classique Pole Movements and Nadia’s Skull (from years of backyard experimentation). We will then take these floor ideas to the pole for the grounded flows, combinations and innovation section of the workshop. Day 2, we will build upon the previously visited floor section and combine movements to create inversion/handstand-ish combinations, twisted shapes and exploration based on individualized skills. We will then take off our layers and go aerial for the last section of class. In the aerial portion, we will cover various twists, flares, stylized inversions and shapes in small pieces that add up to some fresh static and spinning pole combinations.

Nadia’s teaching style is very much so a blend of lecture and lab, meaning that there will be discussions about how, why and detailed breakdowns of the intricacies involved in each movement. Come prepared with notebooks, cameras, snacks and layers of clothing.


click TWISTED PISO [floor] is a floor based class that blends ideas from acrobatics, Capoeira, breaking, and various forms of dance. Be prepared to roll, balance, invert, slide, turn, kick and fall with grace. The ultimate goal of this intensive is to allow people to move based on emotion, music, environment and be able to adapt in any situation… May that be a drum circle, an after hours club dance floor, performance or any other dance opportunity. Expect traveling floor sequences and wall work/inversions. **The more clothing layers the better** TWISTED TUBO [pole] will cover both grounded and aerial combinations that Nadia has put together for the perfect balance of spins, dynamics and flow. The grounded flows section will include many of the ideas covered in TWISTED PISO, exploring both traditional and non traditional pole movement patterns and opening up a world of possibilities, pathways and sequences. The aerial portion of this course will cover many of Nadia’s favorite and signature aerial twists and flares, shapes and transitions on both spinning and static pole. Nadia specializes in teaching these skills and approaches it with a sense of science, discussing the importance of angles and techniques to make these moves and transitions very achievable.



**Students must be able to invert (from the floor), shoulder roll on the floor, and be willing to ATTEMPT a cartwheel.**

*Each day is 4 hours long with a 15-30 minute break between floor and pole sections for snacks, rest and note taking*

Day 1:

2 hour Floor Skills
BREAK 15-30 minutes
2 hour Ground Pole Combinations

Day 2:

2 hour Floor Combinations
BREAK 15-30 minutes
2 hour Aerial Pole Moves

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